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Marsh Mellow Sofa, originally formed in 1995, is an Orlando, Florida-based five piece modern music venture. Despite the rising popularity of the "Orlando-sound", known primarily for its acoustic-folk driven commercial rock songs, Marsh Mellow Sofa finds its roots in acid jazz, 70's funk, and underground dance music. After spending 6 years in the Orlando rock scene, founding members Marc Moree, Brent Boulnois and John Pestrak decided to leave the established "rock sound", and attempt to create a new "sound of their own", incorporating several diverse elements. The Sofa brought in Jason Howell in 1997 to fill the void at keyboards and shortly thereafter recruited another Orlando music scene veteran, Shawn McMahon to replace the departing archaeologist/bassist, Kirk Straight. In 1999, Ed Hughes was called in to replace Jason Howell, who moved on to be a full-time writer.
So the story goes on...

The Members...

Marc Moree
Vocals, Guitar and Trumpet

Marc is not only the lead vocalist for MMS, he’s the creative force behind the group as well. He usually has his hand in all aspects of the songs and lyrics, when he is not throwing powerful vocals from the stage. He is also responsible for the extensive Marsh Mellow Sofa website, as one could say that computer programming is his second language. This South Florida native is usually a busy guy, but never too busy to play some round-ball at the local park. Just don’t guard him with your face; This rock and roll singer has sharp elbows.

Brent Boulnois
Lead Guitar

Brent likes to take an orchestral approach to the guitar, as his unique style can best be described as “an assault on all the senses”. He takes his time with his groove as well as with his answers. If you aren't careful, he’ll drop a melody or two when you’re not looking. He’s a whiz with a guitar-synth and he likes to burn with a fella’ named Les Paul. He’s the quiet, clever type. Look for him at the beginning of a long, burning cigarette, tweaking out "who-knows-what" in the MMS studio at all hours.

Ed "Chicago" Hughes
Keyboards, Samples and other various sounds

Ed is the newest MMS member who has been known to take his organ wherever he goes. Ed’s background stems anywhere from formal piano training, all the way to the latest all-night rave. Don’t let his easy going demeanor fool you; Ed is the backbone to the fluffy "Marsh Mellow" sound. Whether he’s holding down a fat 7th chord or droppin’ in a sample from a flick, listen closely, you’ll hear him. Ed can usually be found in his home studio, experimenting with sounds and grooves while sporting some old-school gray sweatpants.

Shawn McMahon
Bass Guitar

He’s the outspoken, kindred spirit behind the Sofa, and the MC for all the live shows as well. This bottom-dwelling bass player has earned the most stripes in the band in the live show department through his undisputable touring experience. Shawn can, and will judge a man by his shoes. However, Shawn is never too busy to partake in a good conversation with anyone, while mixing an umbrella-styled cocktail or two. Shawn’s Northeastern roots can best be witnessed while rooting for his favorite team, The New York Yankees.

John Pestrak
Drums and Percussion

This drum basher of over 15 years swears by his solid grooves and his custom gray slate Drum Workshop kit with "extra snare drum on the side". John can be spotted during an MMS show wearing an array of sick-and-twisted facial expressions at any given moment during a groove. “Drumming is 50% confidence and 50% insanity and 10% originality”, says this drummer as he uses the old “coaches” axiom of giving 110%. When John is not layin’ down grooves, he can be found watching the NFL, while sniffing various, exotic smelling salts from around the world.

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